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(This is in no way affiliated with Super Giant Games, and was not created with the intention of gaining profit from their great work, only a huge fan.)

Pyre: The Board Game(Unofficial) is a Print & Play game I created for my CSC140 course. The game is simply replicating the Rites within the game Pyre as best as possible in a physical format. Using a unique round system, so both players take their turns simulateously with hand motions, etc. it uses some very unique mechanics to get someone enthralled in the Pyre universe. 

Built for 2 Players.

Feel free to leave feedback, and I always appreciate constructive criticism as well!

Install instructions

Download the .docx file, read through the instructions and cut out all of the necessary pieces. I would wholly recommend playing a practice round to allow you to get a handle on it, but it is up to you. Douse your opponents pyre to win, and enjoy!


PyreGameInstructions.docx 4 MB

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